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Shadow Music Mike Oliveri Review by
Mike Oliveri
DAWN (released as SACRIFICE* in the U.K.) Soundtrack for the comic
Artist: Gary Numan
Transmit Discs/Eagle Records

Chances are if you frequent comic shops these days, you've at least seen (if not picked up) DAWN. Dawn is a creation of writer/artist Joseph Michael Linsner, and she first appeared on the cover of an anthology series called CRY FOR DAWN. She is arguably the most attractive woman to grace a comics cover, and this surprises many because Linsner draws her like a real woman: she has wide hips and her breasts actually obey the laws of gravity (unlike the women that many fanboys drool over today).

Linsner hasn't quite exploded onto the comic scene, but he has carved his own little niche thanks to his fantastic artwork and deep storylines. Dawn developed into a full character, becoming a version of Mother Earth, a fertility goddess, and a lover to Death (known as Cernunnos in Linsner's world). She ultimately landed her first mini-series "Lucifer's Halo" (published by Sirius Comics), and presents stories in the current anthology series CRYPT OF DAWN. Her second mini-series, DAWN II: RETURN OF THE GODDESS, is nearing completion.

Enter Gary Numan (EXILE, MACHINE & SOUL). Known for his industrial and new age sound, he lends his somewhat dark and moody music to the goddess as a soundtrack*.

And it actually suits the comic very well. The soundtrack is intended to supplement the "Lucifer's Halo" miniseries, in which Dawn actually travels to Hell to confront Lucifer and take his halo (There's more to it than that, but hey, this is a review of the CD -- I highly recommend the mini if you can find it, however.)

To me, the album sounds most like an industrial/new age hybrid with its heavy use of altered vocals and keyboard work. Most of the music is spiritual in a mostly gothic manner, and is actually fairly mellow in comparison to most of what we feature here at FeoAmante.com's Shadow Music. It's content, however, is what earns it a place here.

The first track, "Pray", is probably one of my favorites with its growled, macabre prayer and ominous music. "You Walk in My Soul" is another standout track, and "Magic" conjures some heavy imagery.

Then there's "Love and Napalm," "Bleed," and "A Question of Faith": the titles say it all, folks. If you're into the gothic sound or just like some chilled industrial, then you should pick up DAWN. I for one plan on using it while working on my fiction.

I give the album four skulls.

Perplex SkullPerplex SkullPerplex SkullPerplex Skull

This review copyright 2000 E.C.McMullen Jr.

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While the CD jacket claims this album was released in the U.K. as SACRIFICE
and is copyrighted 1997, CDNow's discography for Numan places SACRIFICE in 1994,
featuring the same track list. However, the '94 version has 14 tracks, not 10. The additional 4
are extended versions of the core ten and a b-side. I have to wonder if they simply took
SACRIFICE and plastered Dawn's pretty face all over the cover art.


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