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Review by
E.C.McMullen Jr.
Motorhead: Everything Louder Than Everyone Else
CMC International


If you don't like - no, that's not right - if you don't LOVE MOTÖRHEAD then you don't like Heavy Metal and you probably don't like rock.

As I clean the closet of all the remaining 1999 CD's that I never got a chance to review in time, MOTÖRHEAD: EVERYTHING LOUDER THAN EVERYTHING ELSE is one of those Save The Best For Last CDs.

Lemmy and the boys are in Hamburg Germany for their 1998 concert and the crowd just loves them. Who rocks like MOTÖRHEAD? Few Rock like MOTÖRHEAD - and from the spin on the very first song you'll know why. "Iron Fist" is a slammer of song. It knocks you out of your seat and then it knocks you back in. The songs are fast, so damn fast, but they never get lost in their crunching. They've been the inspiration for just about every serious Heavy metal musician and when it comes to speed and thrash metal, MOTÖRHEAD has always been the standard by which other bands tried to measure themselves.

And MOTÖRHEAD has always been real, gang!

The musicians are all real. Lemmy plays bass, Phil plays lead and Mickey plays the drums. You will never see a MOTÖRHEAD album with a loopy drum synth in the background as the lame-o souless so-called musicians in some bands whine about how they could never find a fast enough drummer. Well ain't that tough shit. Mebbe its because you SUCK!

MOTÖRHEAD don't suck. This is real music from a real band and if you are too young to know what MOTÖRHEAD is all about then are YOU in for a treat! Getcher ear candy here gang because MOTÖRHEAD Rocks and that is that!

This excellent two disk set costs just a bit more than a single CD in most places if your store is honest. Keep an ear peeled for some of my favorites "On Your Feet Or On Your Knees", "Over Your Shoulder", and "Civil War". But the whole album is freaking great. Lemmy also does "No Class" and dedicates it to his old pal Wendy O. Williams, a punk rocker from the late 70's early 80's band THE PLASMATICS who was fierce and every bit as real and original as Lemmy. There was a time when Metal heads frowned down on Punkers, but never Lemmy, he always bucks trends for anyone who expects him to ride the bandwagon. He has never been a rider or a follower and if nobody was following his lead it meant nothing. This attitude may have cost him the WalMart and Target money crowd but so what?

Some bands make the big bucks by regurgitating the powerful music that inspired them. Other bands plod along sales wise but soar musically, providing the inspiration and muse for all who come after and dream of being "that good".

In terms of sales it probaby did cost Lemmy to be himself instead of a commodity: It cost him everything but his self respect. That's right, respect from people whose opinion matters. Something you don't get from slapping your wife around while she holds your baby, something that you don't get from posing for Entertainment tonight or getting invited to movie premiers.

You don't get recognized by bands like OVERKILL, ANTHRAX, PANTERA, RONNIE JAMES DIO, and METALLICA unless you fucking kick it and kick it HARD! Lemmy and the gang get real wild life rides like getting into Lloyd Kaufman movies like Tromeo and Juliet and having Porno actors like Ron "the Hedgehog" Jeromy sing your praises in his own inane way. You can hang with the air kissers or you can be with the real people, warts and all.
Lemmy has two of them on his ugly mug and they remain there today.

So what does all this have to do with the live album? Aren't I swinging into crazy tangents here? Bordering on hype, even?

Sorry, I must be having too damn good a time listening to MOTÖRHEAD. This live album, like nearly all live albums, is a combination of the band's and the audiences favorite songs over the years. It's pointless to go dissecting the individual songs when they've already been cut from their original place during the time, life, and members of the band. Lemmy Kilmiester is the only original member of MOTÖRHEAD left playing. That makes it important to give those of you who are unaware, some idea of the history of this band, rather than their musical abilities, which has already been long established and credited and so above reproach - to my way of thinking anyway.

So many albums are called "killer" and so few deserve the name, but EVERYTHING LOUDER THAN EVERYTHING ELSE sure does. This album is so freaking cool to listen while in your car when your driving the long way to the next city, or county, or state, or country, or wherever you drive I don't know.

Keeping that MOTORHEAD sound honest from concert to disk (an inept transfer from one to the other has ruined more than one good concert) is Charly Baurfeind (Yeah Fiend!) and Ranier Hansel from KARO studios. They want you to know that EVERYTHING LOUDER THAN EVERYTHING ELSE is 100% overdub free.

Don't ask me to pick apart a live album, especially when it is one that is so damn perfect as MOTÖRHEAD: EVERYTHING LOUDER THAN EVERYTHING ELSE.

That's right! I said perfect, dammit! A perfect 5 Perplex Skulls!

Enough hype! I didn't want to hype! I'M the one who is hyped! So you gotta listen to this album! You just gotta!

Perplex SkullPerplex SkullPerplex SkullPerplex SkullPerplex Skull

This review copyright 2000 E.C.McMullen Jr.

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