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Bits of actual chat room conversation that I have been involved in.
This is just an idea I've been kicking around for awhile. Let's see if it flies or flops.

Actual chat may have occurred earlier than posted date

<FeoAmante> The only book I have from Ayn Rand is a self help book.
<^ennui^> i disagree with her about self esteem, too.
<^ennui^> i think low self esteem is underrated.

<FeoAmante> FIX ME A SANDWICH! MAKE YOURSELF USEFUL! that's the title
<^ennui^> there should be a low self esteem pride day.
<AZwriter> I have a first of Fountainhead.
<^ennui^> fountainhead is great! i loved that book.
<FeoAmante> I liked the part about the water.
<^ennui^> i was going to read atlas shrugged, but it looked through it,
and it was too political. i'm not into right wing politics.

<lakdu-2> I want a picture of you in your underware eating fried chicken
with grease smeared all over your face in trade malysa

<Malysa_> be right bag
<lakdu-2> My humor is wasted on mortals
<FeoAmante> Verily
<AZwriter> Atlas Shrugged. . . . used to have a first, but the price
offered was too good to pass up. Sold it. Great book though. "I am John
Galt. I am the man who loves his life. I am the man who would not
sacrifice his values for worldly gain."
<FeoAmante> Atlas Shrugged was good. I liked the part about the shoulders.
<lakdu-2> Guess I should do some graveyard standup
<FeoAmante> You've been a great if captive audience! Try the loam!
<^ennui^> lol
<^ennui^> it's the four page long paragraphs that scare me.

<AZwriter> So, Feo, did you ever get me incorporated into your site?
<FeoAmante> Wow! Its so wierd when your head just starts bleeding for no
apparent reason.

<lakdu-2> graveyard...standup? stupid mortals
<^ennui^> are you bleeding??
<FeoAmante> No Adam, you never gave me permission or a list of works you
wanted me to reference for your bio.
<FeoAmante> So it seems. From the back of my head too. I shave my head,
but that was this morning and I don't remember cutting myself.

<lakdu-2> Okay, so I'll stick to art
<Malysa_> lakdu - hey! who you calling mortal?
<AZwriter> I gave you permission. I GIVE you permissio0n (grin).
My website is http://www.primenet.com/~adamn
<lakdu-2> Only the dead people Malysa
<Malysa_> lakdu - that was great!
<AZwriter> Heh, my webmastrer is on strike, but the info is mostly okay.
<FeoAmante> Come to think of it, I didn't shave this morning. Not for
two days. All this damn blood. Wierd. DOn't you feel wierd when you
discover yourself bleeding and you don't recall hurting yourself?
<FeoAmante> Oh I gotcher website already bookmarked dude! thanks for the

<Malysa_> thanks - you're so sweet
<FeoAmante> Hey! Mystery solved! I just found a big ol tick in the back
of my collar!

<MikeOliveri> Well that's tasty, Feo
<FeoAmante> Christ! How come nobody at work or at the gym TOLD me that I
had a tick on the back of my skull?

<^ennui^> i get nose bleeds like that.
<FeoAmante> You do?
<AZwriter> How lovely for you, Feo. Never alone. You are one in a
<^ennui^> ewwwwwww
<FeoAmante> That's true, Adam. You are never alone with a parasite.
<^ennui^> a tick?
<^ennui^> god you need a collar
<^ennui^ dcc's some nix to feo

<AZwriter> I do not, enui.
<^ennui^> lol
<lakdu-2> Feo, ever heard of an artist named Wayne Miller?
<^ennui^> adam you wouldn't wear a collar for me?
<FeoAmante> Must have happened while I was laying on the grass last Sunday.
<FeoAmante> Vaguely familiar, what does he do?

<AZwriter> No, but I would abase myself in many embarassing ways. (grin)
<MikeOliveri> We met him at the con, Feo! He's pretty good
<Malysa_> lakdu - are you getting my private messages?
<^ennui^> heheh :)
<FeoAmante> Ah so! Anyone have his URL?
<lakdu-2> I dunno his work I've been looking for him on the net. Said he
won an award at horror con for his art. What award would that be?

<FeoAmante> Possibly the Horror con award
<^ennui^> i gotta go... seeya all
<MikeOliveri> Take care ennui
<FeoAmante> Or maybe the WHC award
<^ennui^> later!
<FeoAmante> Have fun, ennui!
<lakdu-2> g'night ennui



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