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Review by
Mike Casto
By Wes DeMott
Leisure Books
ISBN 0-84395446-9


Peter Jamison is an aerospace engineer who's latest project - a military contract - is abandoned by the company. In an effort to save the project and, more importantly, the jobs of his teammates, Jamison turns to his ex-girlfriend, Melissa Corley, hoping she can find something in his data that will help him convince the company that the project can be salvaged.

When people start dying and Jamison and Melissa find themselves the targets of a variety of killers they realize that they've stumbled into something big. As they dig deeper, they find evidence that ties certain elements of big industry - especially military contractors - into corrupt politicians and law enforcement officials. The secret they begin to uncover reveals money that has been siphoned out of the taxpayer's pockets and hidden in false paper trails. This money, billions of dollars, has, over the years, been used to fund many illicit actions within the United States and around the world.

As the truth of the situation begins to unfold and the movers and shakers of this dark world start defending themselves, Jamison and Melissa find themselves cut off, not sure who they can trust. They only know that their lives are in danger and there's no turning back. They have to bring this corruption into the light or die trying. And Jamison, while dealing with these external enemies, also has to face his inner demons and overcome the problems he's had in dealing with, among other things, his failed relationship with Melissa.

The action is fast paced and the suspense builds with several plot twists along the way. This book kept me on the edge of my seat and on my intellectual toes. The final plot twist is woven smoothly enough that I didn't see it coming - a rare treat for an avid reader like me.

Since this novel deals with a lot of government and FBI related topics, DeMott's real life experience as an FBI agent brings a level of realism to the narrative that draws the reader in deep.

I give
THE FUND the full monty - 5 Bookwyrms and a high recommendation to anyone who enjoys a good thriller. I look forward to reading more of DeMott's work. If THE FUND is any indication, I think DeMott is destined to become one of the top names in the thriller genre.

This review copyright 2005 E.C.McMullen Jr.

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